Govt. Contract & Supply

Govt. Contract & Supply

Decor has been successfully implementing govt. projects since 2008. We handed over comprehensive construction, solar system solutions, and hi-tech projects to the government of Bangladesh. We are proud to establish ourselves as a trusted partner for large-scale govt. projects and services. Our team delivers quality without a doubt and we are always incompetent in terms of serving the public sector initiatives.


The First-Ever Hi-Tech Park in Bangladesh

Decor has completed the Hi-Tech Development Park in Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Dhaka. We have successfully served the goal of this development project to attract foreign and local investors to utilize the potential of the young educated and technical workforce.

We have developed Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park as one of the first-rate infrastructures in Bangladesh based on scientific and comprehensive grounds. It is rationally schemed for the function of industry, commerce, residence, office, culture education, hygiene and equipped with a complete set of roads, water supply, electricity supply, gas supply, telecommunications, drainage, and sewage facilities.

Sheikh Hasina Cantonment Gas Line Project

In 2022, Decor successfully installed and handed over 1400+ LPG Cylinders at Sheikh Hasina Cantonment, Dhaka-Patuakhali Highway.

LPG cylinders, commonly used for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes, are pressurized containers designed to store and transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The cylinders provide a convenient and efficient energy source for cooking, heating, and other applications and offer numerous benefits such as portability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

It’s a safe and reliable energy solution for different settings, including military installations like Sheikh Hasina Cantonment.


Targets Achieved

We have fulfilled all the dynamic goals of the Hi-Tech Park by complementing an intensive set of industries. Take a look at the satisfactory outcomes we have achieved in the context of our country.

  • High Tech (R&D) Content
  • State of the Art Tech
  • Entry to Foreign Market
  • Cost Advantage
  • Rich Manpower
  • Pollution Free
  • Labor Intensity
  • Capital Intensity
  • Infrastructure Readiness
  • Implementation of Cyber law
  • Implementation of IPR law