Renewable Energy

Solar Energy for A Better Tomorrow

"Do you know by 2030, Bangladesh plans to generate 61% of clean energy from solar power? A new policy for renewables has been set to solidify the sector's growth. And here’s why,"


We are at the peak of climate pollution 4.3 times higher than the recommended level (Source: WHO). Solar energy offers an adaptive energy solution that helps us withstand climate changes and ensure a healthy atmosphere.


Grid electricity units can be very high! Enjoy uninterrupted electricity from solar panels and improve the bottom line with reduced electricity consumption.


Frequent power outages and voltage drops are two common scenarios in Bangladesh. Solar energy offers a reliable and independent power source.


Switch to solar energy to produce 12 times less carbon footprint. A sustainable environment-friendly solution to improve the atmosphere of your property.

A Solution Tailored to Your Need

"Decor has been successfully providing sustainable rooftop solar power solutions to renowned organizations in Bangladesh. We strictly maintain safety protocols for solar panel installation to ensure maximum efficiency of panels and livelihood in instances of any occurrence such as fire hazards or hailstorms."

Successful Installation of Solar Panels in Chittagong

We offer full support for panel installation and maintenance of the entire system. Our team is properly trained and ensures high-grade service.

Rooftop Solar Panel System: Installation of 1.5 MW PV Panel System in Chittagong EPZ

Our skilled O&M team successfully sets up and can hand over any large scale solar panel projects with no room for errors.

Decor Offers You

Power your life with clean, sustainable renewable energy. At Decor, we help you harness solar energy with rooftop solar panels, or you can brighten your streets with our solar street lights. With the most dedicated O&M team working for you, let us sincerely take care of your load profile.


On-Grid Solar ESS

Don’t just let your rooftops heat up for nothing! Instead, use up the idle space on your rooftop and invest it in solar ESS. Generate green power and reduce monthly electricity bills by feeding the surplus power to the grid with our on-grid solution. Tap into clean, renewable energy even when the sun goes down.

Why On-Grid?
  • Directly connected to your local utility grid.
  • Associated with lower upfront costs than off-grid systems.
  • Regular power supply during cloudy days or at night.
  • Net meters allow you to feed back additional energy to the grid.
  • Thus, reducing your monthly electric bills as per power tariff rate.
  • Not always require expensive battery storage solutions.

Off-Grid Solar ESS

It’s a complete energy solution that sets up solar panels with battery storage. Generate and store electricity independently of the traditional power grid. Enjoy the privilege of electricity even in remote areas or during power outages with full freedom and peace of mind.

Why Off-Grid?
  • Entirely self-sufficient, independent power system, not reliable on the utility grid.
  • Suitable for remote and off-grid areas where access to the grid is limited.
  • Battery storage system, ideal for backup power during grid outages or emergencies.
  • Easier to personalize to meet any specific energy demands.
  • Less vulnerable to power outages, fuel shortages, or fluctuations in utility prices.



Hybrid Solar ESS

If you need both - store energy and feed power to the grid, utilize the benefit of both solar panel solutions mentioned above with our hybrid solar ess. Hybrid solar systems integrate not only solar panels with a battery storage system but also grid connectivity.

Why Hybrid?
  • Generate and store solar energy at the same time.
  • Ideal for areas with unreliable grid supply.
  • Can easily switch between solar power, and grid power.
  • Offset grid use and feed-in tariffs to earn credits at the same time.
  • Seamlessly adapt to your changing energy needs as you require.

Decor Solar Street Light

Traditional street lights are less durable and not at all environmentally friendly. The only smart solution to this is the Intelligent Solar Street Lights. It's feasibly a solid solution for 65% rural people of Bangladesh in the near future.

Why Decor Solar Street Light
  • Precise & efficient light control on platform as per real demand.
  • On-time data and status checking.
  • Automated fault alarm notification.
  • Easy asset management by fully recording & precise GPS positioning.